About Us

Hevea Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 1996. It is an ISO 9001 certified company. Over the years, H.E.W has imprinted its distinct identity as a preferred manufacturer of machinery for TSR processing industries and rubber moulded goods industries.

The company has successfully completed several turnkey projects for the TSR Industry, both in the public and private sector. The company has also taken up manufacturing new types of machinery such as Gasifier, Slab-cutter etc.

The company provides its services through modern machines like CNC drilling machine, Lathes, Planing machine etc and skilled labour.


We are committed to provide cost effective products and services with planned quality, reflected by customer’s confidence achieved through innovation and continual improvement by involving all our employees.

Associated Companies

H.E.W is controlled by the Glenrock group, which has in its fold two additional independent enterprises operating in the natural rubber field.

  1. Glenrock Rubber Products

    It is India’s leading manufacturer & exporter of Rubber Mats & Custom Made Rubber Products. Glenrock is a regular customer of H.E.W for hydraulic presses, dispersion kneaders etc and also for mould tooling needs.

  2. Heveacrumb Rubber

    It is one of the leading processors of Technically specified Block Rubber (TSR). The facility was recently revamped using the machinery from H.E.W, for increased capacity and efficiency.